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Trac N4 Toll Route Update – June 2015

 Take extra precautions when weather is poor

Poor visibility, mainly due to heavy mist during early morning hours or at night, causes dangerous driving conditions. Road users are reminded to switch head lights on, increase following distance and lower traveling speed during adverse conditions.

Veld fires during the winter months 

In the dry winter season and with strong winds veld fires often occur along the grassland areas adjacent to the N4. Smoke from the fires may swirl over the N4 and cause extremely dangerous driving conditions. Be extra cautious on the road during these conditions.

•         Reduce speed and obey speed limits
•         Switch headlights on
•         Keep following distance
•         Remain patient and considerate

•         Attempt to pass the vehicle in front of you when visibility is poor
•        Stop on the side of the road


Quality road infrastructure is an asset which benefits the economy, stimulates growth and development and provides a safe link between people and places. A road, however, needs on-going maintenance and improvement to ensure that it continues to add value.

As toll concessionaire of the N4 between Tshwane and Maputo, TRAC, is committed to providing a road of high standards. This requires regular road works which may inconvenience road users.

In the interest of road safety and hassle-free usage of the N4, please take note of the following:

Solomon Mahlangu to Gauteng/Mpumalanga border east/westbound
N4-1 Km 21.0 to N4-2 Km 55.0)

  • Installing poles + steel cables in median to prevent Illegal U – Turns (no road closures)
  • Routine maintenance
  • No lane closures
  • Grass cutting
  • Road marking of roadway

#eMalahleni Gauteng/Mpumalanga border to Highveld Kromdraai interchange East / Westbound (N4/3 0.0 to km 41.8)

  • Sealing on cracks on road way  (lane closures will occur as work proceeds)
  • Routine maintenance
  • Concrete road repair – single lane closure
  • Expect minor delays

Middelburg Plaza to Van Dyksdrift Interchange (N4/4 km 2.0 to N4/4 km 6.6) Westbound

  • Paving repairs at Middelburg Plaza
  • Routine maintenance
  • No lane closures

Hendrina to Alzu Petroport (N4/4 km 19.4to N4/5x km 1.8) east/westbound

  • Major construction work to widen the N4
  • Construction of new eastbound carriageway and rehabilitation of existing carriageway.
  • Eastbound slow lane may close btw 09:00 – 15:00 weekdays
  • Temporary road closures (30 minutes) for blasting along the construction area
  • Traffic delays will be experienced during blasting times.
  • Be alert and aware of slow moving/ turning construction vehicles 
  • The completion dateis September 2016

Belfast to Machadodorp

  • Shoulder lane repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • No lane closures

Schoemanskloof - Patatanek to Montrose

  • Grass cutting – Road reserve
  • Routine maintenance
  • No road closures

Crossroads via Elandsvalley to Montrose Falls T-junction

  • Routine maintenance
  • No road closures

Montrose to Kanyamazane turn-off N4/7X km 22.6 –N4/7X km 76.0.

  • Shoulder lane repairs – No impact on traffic
  • Routine maintenance
  • No road closures

Karino to Kaapmuiden (N4/7X km 66.0 to N4/8X km 2.2)east/westbound.

  • Routine maintenance

Kaapmuiden to Komatipoort east/westbound (N4/8X km 2.2 to N4/8X km 65.9)

  • Routine maintenance
  • No road closures

Lebombo Border Post / Ressano Garcia to Moamba Interchange

  • Road surface repair
  • Removal of concrete wastage
  • Routine maintenance, patch work, removal of shrubs and branch
  • Installation of road signs
  • Speed restrictions enforced - Adhere to temporary warning signs – Delays may be experienced.

Moamba to Sasol Garage

  • Routine maintenance
  • Grass cutting – full growth
  • Sasol intersection under constructions – delays may be experienced.

Moamba Interchange to Matola

  • Rehabilitation STOP/GO at night – Motorist advices to use Averida das Insdustria. (alternative routes)
  • Lane closures may occur as work proceeds

SECTION 19 and 20

  • Road surface repair – in the evenings
  • Roadmaking on Sundays
  • Grass cutting and guardrails repairs in progress
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Lane closures may occurs as work proceeds.
  • Road signs and guardrails repairs

Remember – rather lose a minute in your life, than your life in a minute!

Report Accidents and/or dangerous conditions along the N4 to TRAC’s emergency help line: 0800 8722 64 / +27 82 881 4444.
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