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“ELM reneges on Machado road repair project”

In yet another road story (the problems are seemingly endless), it has been brought to the attention of THG that the proposed joint project between ELM, Afriforum and local businesses to repair Van der Poll St., which borders Machadodorp’s primary school, has collapsed and will no longer take place.

THG reported good news in November last year that the opposing factions had put aside their differences and jointly agreed to repair the seriously degraded road for the greater good of the community, as well as in the interests of the safety of the schoolchildren. Afriforum and local businesses agreed to supply all necessary materials to complete the work – at no charge. ELM undertook to supply labour and equipment. Sounds simple, but it took a lot of effort to reach that simple agreement. Since then, the project has seemingly stalled and no work has been done to date.

In an attempt to push the project forward, Mr. Delon Duvenage – Chairman, Afriforum Machadodorp has repeatedly engaged with the responsible persons at ELM but with no result. That is, until recently. In a conversation with an ELM manager only a few days ago, Duvenage reported to THG that he was summarily informed that ELM was “no longer willing” to enter into a joint venture with Afriforum to repair the road as the issue was now considered “politically sensitive”. THG’s translation? It’s an election year and ELM cannot be seen to be “sleeping with the enemy”. Bottom line is that the road is bad and getting worse and, good intentions and broken promises aside, it doesn’t look like anything’s going to happen anytime soon. Eish…  

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