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“Fewer accidents on N4 over holiday period”

Despite the disturbingly high incidence of road traffic accidents nationwide over the recent Festive Season, it is heartening to report that, at least on the N4 Toll Route, the total number of accidents has shown a slight decrease.

The statistics for December 2013 show that a total of 111 accidents were reported on the N4 compared to 118 reported incidents over the same period in 2012 – a decrease of 3%. December 2013’s total figure of 111 includes 11 fatal and 24 serious incidents – with a small reduction in the total number of fatalities. Data collected by Trac on these (and other) incidents indicates that the main cause of accidents was:

  • Loss of control (55 accidents)
  • Negligent driving (33 accidents)
  • Sleeping (15 accidents)
  • Unsafe overtaking (11 accidents)
  • Tyre bursts(10 accidents)
  • U-turns (5 accidents)

 According to preliminary Mpumalanga accident figures released in January, there were a total of 567 accidents in the province. Of these, 98 occurred on the N4 – representing only 17% of the province’s total. Trac also recorded an approximate drop of 3% in overall traffic volumes passing through the various toll plazas and the negative growth in accident statistics is also partially attributable to this.

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