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Wat Nou?

‘n Opvoedkundige Sielkundige assesseer, diagnoseer en gee terapie rakende die optimalisering van menslike ontwikkelling en opvoeding op kognitiewe, emosionele, persoonlikheids en neurosielkundige vlakke. Die identifikasie en behandeling van struikelblokke in die bereiking van optimale ontwikkelling en opvoeding vorm ‘n groot gedeelte van hul werk.

 How are you Ronel

I don’t know why I’m sending you this letter, I don’t think that it will do anything for me and my family. Maybe I am a stupid. I wish the newspaper will keep private like they say. But I will try maybe this last time to speak. I am tired now of sitting and doing nothing, I am just a worthless person. I have been unemployed for more than 3 years and still is nothing for me. I try, I try but I can’t get work. How can I be a good father and a good husband if I can’t bring money into my house? Maybe I kill myself and my wife will find a good husband for the children. I am now finished trying. Now I will just sit and wait and see what happen next because nobody can tell me. Maybe you know something I don’t try and help me.


Hi Joel,
Thank you for your letter.  I do understand your position.  Unfortunately this is the position of many South Africans at this time.  But, let’s start with the most important aspects.

Even with the current unemployment situation in our country, there is always something one can do to earn some kind of income.  Plant vegetables and sell them, wash cars, do gardens, anything honourable.

If you are still young, contacting the SETA’s might be a good idea.  They place young people on learnerships, where they can learn and work at the same time.  Thus you will be earning a wage as well as furthering your career prospects.

Remember that being a good father and good husband is not determined by your employment or the amount of money you bring into the house.  It is determined by how much love and time you spend on your family.

Your wife wouldn’t have married you if she didn’t love you, so killing yourself to help her find another husband would not solve anything – it will just make her miserable and force her to raise your kids on her own.  Quite an unfair position to place her in…

I would also suggest you seek professional help for your current state of mind.  Unfortunately all our general hospitals are not always staffed to accommodate psychological problems, but, if you go to your nearest one, they will be able to refer you.


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