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Vision 2000 disappoints pensioner

A Boven pensioner is most definitely not “a happy camper” when it comes to the service (or should that be lack of service?) she received from well-known appliance store, Vision 2000, in Nelspruit recently.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told THG that, a while ago, her DVD recorder (a gift) had packed up. As she is on a fixed income and rarely has money to spare, she made repeated attempts to have it repaired because she could simply not afford a new one. Unfortunately, her efforts were unsuccessful and she was, ultimately, forced to scratch together the funds to buy a new one. She duly came up with a deposit of R1 500.00, chose what she wanted and paid Vision 2000 – who promised to set it aside for her to collect when she paid the balance at the end of that month.

All good, she arrived back there at month end, along with the balance that had been donated by a family member, only to find that “someone” at Vision 2000 had sold her DVD recorder and “did not have” another. Then told her that she would have to pay another R700.00 for another model if she wanted a DVD recorder. No apology, no compensation – take it or leave it. The woman is old and no match for the brusque tactics employed by the outlet. She coughed up and got the alternate recorder. What choice did she have? But she did let THG know exactly how she felt about her treatment at Vision 2000 and heartily recommend them as April’s “Lemon of the Month!

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