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SAPS Diving Team

We all wish sometimes that we had a super hero to call on who would come swooshing down from the sky to save us. Unfortunately, we don’t have Batman’s cell number, so when the water starts rising in Mpumalanga - as it has been doing recently - we call the professionals from the SAPS diving team to save us instead!

Based in White River – but still responsible for the entire province - this team of dedicated SAPS officers have recently been working day and night travelling the length and breadth of Mpumalanga coping with multiple incidents and, tragically, not a few drownings. Headed up by Capt. Potgieter (Pottie) and his wife, also Capt. Potgieter!, the team of 17 divers/support staff/skippers are a well oiled machine, made up of highly qualified professionals. In recent weeks they have been tasked with responding to dozens of incidents in many different areas and have, tragically, also had to recover the bodies of 12 drowning victims. On the plus side, however, they have also rescued12 other desperate people – including a pregnant woman and a man who had been stranded under a bridge for two days – during their busy, busy month.

From THG’s point of view, we are just happy to know that when the water is up to our chins, we have the SAPS divers to call on for help! Well done guys – keep up the good work! A well deserved Cherry of the Month award goes to the team from THG and a grateful public.

A reminder that THG encourages readers to submit their own nominations for either a “Cherry” or a “Lemon” award. Drop us an e-mail and tell us why folks deserve a smile or a snarl!


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