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TRAC sponsors Care for Wild

TRAC recently announced a R120 000 sponsorship deal for Wyntir, a baby rhino currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Mpumalanga.

Wyntir’s story first came to light in July this year when her mother was poached for her horn, leaving the young rhino to the mercy of hyena, who viciously attacked her. Finding herself alone and grievously injured Wyntir sought help from the most unlikely source – a pair of tourists who were out for a walk through the bush. She followed the tourists until they called a park ranger to assist.

According to Petronl Niewoudt – co-owner of Care for Wild, this is very rare behaviour for a rhino and most certainly saved her young life.

“Rhino normally shy away from human contact,”” she went on to say’” and most particularly now that rhino poaching is so prevalent, they trust no-one.”

Fortunately for Wyntir, Mother Nature was looking out for her when TRAC heard about her plight and decided to step in with life-saving funds.

 “We were touched by Wyntir’s story,” said Adri Fourie, head CSI for TRAC, “and we are delighted to be able to help out Care for Wild through this sponsorship. As a South African company we take our wildlife heritage very seriously and through sponsorship deals we can ensure future generations get to enjoy what we take for granted. ”

The sponsorship runs for 12 months and makes provisions for medical, nutritional and housing costs incurred by Care for Wild during Wyntir’s rehabilitation.  TRAC will be monitoring her progress throughout the 12 months and regular updates will be featured on our website to those that are interested.