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Month-by-month information on how to grow your vegetable garden in South Africa.

In the attached articles we look at ways of creating a sustainable vegetable garden for home use. Each month we cover various tips and planting ideas for you to try out.

Sheena Cooper

Our resident expert - Sheena Cooper (owner and manager of her own company supplying veld-grown products - A Farm in your Kitchen) has been farming in our valley going on 10 years and has picked up really helpful and unique ways of growing her vegetables. So, if you are interested in planting your own garden read through the articles. We hope you find something of value and have fun trying out her tips and techniqiues.

1) August preparation and planting

2) Spring bumper edition

3) October Vegetable Calendar

4) November - a time of plenty

5) December Vegetable Calendar

6) January 2015

7) February 2015

8) March 2015

9)April 2015

10) May 2015

11) June 2015

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