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ELM Mayor launches support group for local scholars

At a recent gala dinner held at popular local venue, Kloppenheim Country Estate, Cllr. X.S. Ngwenya, Executive Mayor of Emakhazeni Local Municipality (ELM), announced the launch of the “Hamzer Press Forward Group” to aid local scholars.

The organisation is a local initiative and the brainchild of the Mayor – who was raised and grew up in nearby Emthonjeni and educated at Sikhulile Secondary School. A non-profit organisation, the aim of the group and its board is simply to identify, aid and assist scholars in ELM who show promise and, ultimately, ensure their future success in their chosen fields. The launch function was attended by many invited dignitaries and the full Hamzer Press Forward Group board, as well as over 80 scholars from many different areas within ELM. In his address, Mayor Ngwenya pointed out that there were “many local scholars who showed great promise in many areas of endeavour” and that “it was necessary to nurture and support them, in order that they may reach their full potential in years to come.”
The Mayor said that, at least initially, 50 students had been identified and selected to benefit from the various support mechanisms that were being initiated by the group. “In the words of Nelson Mandela – A nation that does not value its youth, has no future,” he said. He went on to stress that a country cannot grow and support itself if so many people rely on social grants. “It is necessary that we help ourselves to achieve. To grow the economy and grow the country by helping our youth to create a responsible and self-sustaining society,” he stressed.
It is hoped that the group will, with time and funds permitting, grow to include a greater number of deserving students and, ultimately be of great benefit to the local community. Any persons wishing to know more about the Hamzer Press Forward Group may contact the Chairperson on 082 513 6338 or the Secretary on 083 450 6399.  

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