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The Platorand Area Fire Protection Association (Pafpa) covers a huge area from the Roosenekal road in the north down to Machadodorp in the south and from Lydenburg in the east to Wonderfontein in the west. The area is divided into several wards and the area covered by the association and the location of the wards can be seen on the website at This area is categorised as facing extreme fire danger –the very highest danger rating in the country.

Pafpa’s purpose and mission is to assist landowners within their area with the reduction, management and combatting of wildfires through cooperation, education, and awareness.

The Pafpa fire prohibition period begins on 1 May of each year and ends on 31 October. During this time no fires are permitted in the open air without the possession of a valid permit and the Association has rules and regulations governing the controlled burning of the firebreaks that are compulsory in terms of the Veld and Forest Fire Act, (Act 101 of 1998). Details of the regulations and numerous useful links as well as contact details for ward representatives and other people involved in the fire effort may be obtained on the website.

During the month of May most of thePafpa area has not yet had enough frost for firebreaks to be burned cleanly between farms, but along selected roadways breaks may already be burnt during this month because usually the velocity of fires that start alongside the road is not sufficient to drive fires into surrounding veld. Wildfires that burn towards roadways can, likewise, be slowed down by such breaks and their velocity reduced to such an extent that they have insufficient energy to cross the roadway itself. When landowners still have to burn tracer lines during May, they should remember that all the regulations applicable to the fire prohibition must be observed.

All firebreaks must be in place by the end of July, before the August winds begin.

Landowners are required to give details of any and all wildfires, no matter how small they may be, to their ward representatives for onward transmission to the Pafpa manager, Sandra Prinsloo. She, in turn relays all these statistics to the umbrella fire association Mufpa who advises Provincial and Central Government on recommendations for the allocation of resources to the fire effort.
Pafpa would really like everyone to have a safe and successful winter season and asks that all landowners work towards that goal. They urge all interested people to visit the website at to keep informed of developments and suggestions.




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