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Belfast Children's home circus

Belfast circus show delights audiences

The recent “Prince Of Persia” circus shows at the Belfast Children’s Home proved to be a huge crowd-pleasers. Despite the unkind weather and uncertain power supply, show organiser and “Ringmistress” (?) Didi Hepburn and the children of the Diron Circus Academy (based at the Children’s Home) put on a fantastic show for all comers.

One of the show’s stars was the Prince himself (and his recalcitrant, hilarious double-humped camel) – whose quest to find the true meaning of love – was the thread around which all other acts were woven. There were jugglers, dancers, clowns, acrobats and much more beside. At one point, there was even a young man hurling flaming knives at a (decidedly nervous) “victim” who had been (very) carefully positioned against a wooden backboard. Needless to say, the young man’s aim remained true and his relieved target stepped forward unscathed to take his bows alongside his would-be killer with a broad smile.

During the intermission, guests were treated to a tasty three-course supper. In the chilly temperatures following a severe hailstorm earlier in the evening, the hot butternut soup was an especially welcome treat. As the curtain rose on the second half of the show, it was time for a little “western” entertainment which kicked off with dancers gyrating to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” before a whip-cracking cowboy entered the ring and demonstrated his prowess with a vicious-looking bullwhip. To ear-splitting cracks, he demonstrated that he could place the lightning-fast tip so close to a straw held in the lips of another performer that the straw was instantly halved without so much as touching them.

After several more thrilling acts – including a very energetic young lady spinning from a rope in the spotlit heights of the big top – the show drew to a close with the safe return of the Prince (and his “boogie-shoes” camel) to the arms of his Princess. With all proceeds going to the Children’s Home, the evening was a resounding success. Didi, her partner Ronel, Johan Theart (BCH Manager) and his dedicated staff, as well as the “star” children of the home, can all take a well-deserved bow. Well done guys! To those who missed the show, be sure to book early for the 2015 event – if you miss it, you miss out… 


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