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Concession cardholders urged to be responsible

To accommodate the numerous communities living along the N4 Toll Route, as well as those who use the route frequently, Trans African Concessions (TRAC) has provided local resident and frequent user concession discounts since the beginning of its concession contract with SANRAL in 1998.

TRAC prides itself on being able to offer regular road users this perk which offers financial relief to our most loyal customers. Those who qualify for these concessions are given a concession card, which is vehicle-specific, and urged to use them responsibly and within the terms and conditions stipulated by company in this regard.

Concession card-holders, as well as anyone considering applying for this benefit, are advised that these cards are only specific to the vehicle they are linked to and only for the specific toll plazas for which the individual concession has been granted for. As per TRAC’s concessions’ terms and conditions, the onus of ensuring a concession card does not get abused or misused lies strictly with the concession card-holder. The company utilises an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to regulate this service and any card which is found to be abused or misused is liable to be temporarily or permanently hot-listed, withdrawn or cancelled at the sole discretion of TRAC.

TRAC is conscious of the fact that errors may sometimes occur and in good faith the company is sympathetic and lenient in the event of such an occurrence. However, in the event of repeat offences, or in cases where no just cause can be found for the error, the company has to take stern action as this constitutes fraud which is a criminal offence. In the event of willful mismanagement by card-holders, such concession cards will summarily become obsolete, and cardholders will have to re-apply for a new one.

TRAC would like to extend its gratitude to all our concession card holders who comply with, and obey the terms and conditions for concessions and reassure them of our continued assistance and support along the N4 Toll Route. We further urge all those who have faltered in obliging to the concession discount rules to start doing so in order to continue benefitting from this privilege.

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