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No plans to demolish Boven fish farm

A recent media report in a prominent local newspaper which stated that the derelict Waterval Boven fish farm on the outskirts of the town could soon be demolished to make way for a shopping centre, has been denied by the Emakhazeni Local Municipality(ELM) - the owners of the property.
In response to a query from THG, a senior member of ELM’s management team stated: “What? A shopping centre? In Waterval Boven? No, we have no knowledge of this.”Whereas not all of the facts are known regarding the intended usage or ultimate fate of this property, a prominent local estate agent filled THG in on the story to date. Some years ago, the owner of the (then functional) fish farm died. The property was subsequently inherited by his son, who apparently did not wish to continue with the business and made plans to sell off the property and its assets. After quite a long time, the property was (apparently) purchased by the national government who, in time, handed over the property to the Emakhazeni Local Municipality – its current owners.

It can only be speculated, at this stage, whether or not the property will, perhaps, be renovated and returned to its original purpose – despite statements made by local personality and leader of the Ubuntu Party, Michael Tellinger, that the property should be “handed over to the people and put to good use.” As admirable as this stated goal may be, the fact of the matter is that the property does not belong to Mr. Tellinger and he has no say whatsoever (legally or otherwise) in what ultimately becomes of the property.

Equally fruitless, is the persistent (and un-informed) speculation as to whether or not the property may or may not form part of Waterval Boven’s favourite long-running fairy tale – the great (and near mythical) WB Noka Development, long hailed as the town’s would-be savior and all-around answer to Boven’s problems. The fact that the pie-in-the-sky R6 billion rand wish list for this fabled development just happens to include a shopping centre in no way means that Boven is actually going to get one – on the site of the fish farm, or anywhere else. It should be borne in mind that the WB Noka children’s story also involves, among other things, the construction of a truck stop, a retirement village for struggle veterans, a hotel and a casino – with man-made lake – and a huge nature reserve. Boven is not likely to see any of those this side of hell freezing over either.

And if you are interested in seeing what Michael Tellinger has to say - see his video on
www. youtube.com/watch?v=s9qkKVR_rFs and make your own judgements.

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