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Prominent businessman attacked

In the early hours of the morning of 30 January, THG received a report of an attack at a nearby business in the Elands Valley :

“WARNING - We have just been robbed, they got away with nothing, but there has been one injury. The victim is going to hospital now. Please be aware!!!!”

Not words you want to read on your WhatsApp at 02h31 in the morning, but none-the-less a reality in our neck of the woods. As per most communities in rural areas of South Africa today, the onus is on the people living in the area to look after each other and warn others of potential threats or occurrences in and around their property. Luckily, we as a community are a lot more prepared to talk to each other than most other communities. We either call with the news, WhatsApp or are now planning to use radios to keep lines of communication open.

"It is not about me and my injuries," said the victim, "but what can we, as a community, do to help each other to prevent further shootings and/or injuries. We are now going to, once again, beef up our security. This will only make it more difficult to rob our place, and unfortunately cause the criminals to look for easier targets."

The victim also mentioned a few interesting snippets – as yet unconfirmed - that apparently on the previous evening there was a hold-up at another local business where the criminals managed to obtain firearms from the owner. These firearms are suspected to be the ones which were used in the latest victim’s robbery. Additionally, 1/2 an hour before the attack on his property, a worker from a property not too far from his, was tied up in preparation to rob the place.

Our questions are: “Why are the police not communicating this to the community? Why is it left up to the individual to perform the police’s duties and why is nothing being done about helping the community combat the crime wave in our neighbourhood? Do we have to take the law into our own hands? If so, who will stand up for us in a court of law?

On a more positive note, talking to the victim on the phone this morning, he said he is doing well and recovering from his injuries. Strength to him and his family.


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