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Achieve maximum chain life and minimum environmental impact and say NO to “black oil”!

In the spirit of giving, which underwrites the Christmas season, shouldn’t we also be asking ourselves what contribution we can make to the environment?  Husqvarna Group is very serious about minimising the impact the forestry industry has on the environment, making it a greener place to live in for everyone.

Husqvarna Group has, for many years, strongly discouraged the use of “black oil” as a chain and guide bar lubricant.  Chainsaw and leading lubricant manufacturers make bar and chain oils that have been specially blended for their machines to extend the lifespan of the product, to optimize the machine’s power and to minimise the impact on the environment.  Why then do contractors and chainsaw operators opt to use an alternate source of lubrication?  The primary motivation behind using used motor oil as a lubricant is to reduce operating costs but, unfortunately, the cons of using old oil far outweigh the pros.

Let us examine a few of the negatives associated with this practice:

  • When a chainsaw is operating properly, it throws a stream of oil off the bar and onto whatever is in its path.  Soot and harmful chemicals in this used engine oil blackens the operators’ safety clothing resulting in the accelerated deterioration of the fabric, which poses a risk to the operators’ safety;
  • The soot in the oil also makes servicing of the unit difficult and extremely unpleasant, which may reduce the quality of the work being carried out by the technician;
  • Used motor oil lacks adequate viscosity for lubing the chain.  The carbon particles act as grinding paste on the working parts of the drive train, which leads to premature wear and tear on clutch shoes, clutch drums, guide bars, sprockets and chains;
  • And, of critical importance, it is very harmful to the environment.  When the oil is petroleum-based, it has a negative impact on surrounding flora and fauna. A chainsaw deposits approximately 2 litres of oil directly into the environment every day.  This amounts to approximately 440 litres per saw per annum. In this era of heightened ecological sensitivity, we should be aiming to incorporate the greenest practices possible.  This means that if we are considering alternatives to standard, petroleum-based oil, we should be looking at vegetable-based chain lubricants such as the Vegoil developed by Husqvarna Group.  Vegetable-based chain lubricants are designed to work in warm and cold temperatures, consume about 40 percent less product than conventional oils, don’t pollute the water table and don’t cause harm to the operator.
As responsible stake holders in the forestry industry, we simply cannot afford to ignore the negative side effects of harmful shortcuts such as that of using recycled motor oil as a chain lubricant.

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