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June 2015

Call me - or don't

Can we talk about cell phones? I'm not sure when exactly the law was passed stating that I have to have a cell phone on my person at all times, answer it each and every time it rings, no matter how inconvenient or impossible that may be, and answer all my messages the second that icon pops up. (Assuming I know what the icon even means.)

I own a phone - we all do – it is the “modern” thing.  You have possession of my phone number. Knowledge of my number does not entitle the holder to claim sole possession of my time/schedule/priorities/ability to remember to charge my phone. And sometimes I just have no idea where my phone is.

If I don't answer the phone, please don't be alarmed. Or offended. First of all, if you know me at all, you know I tend to lose things. My phone is no exception. And another thing: calling me again 30 seconds after the first attempt and still not getting an answer really isn't giving me a sporting chance.!

Voice mail. Assuming I can find my phone. If you choose to proceed at that point, don't be surprised when I don't remember how to check my messages or can't find my phone.

Texting. I don't know if there's something wrong with my thumbs. I think maybe they didn't evolve adequately for life in this century. I don't know. But I don't seem to be able to text very quickly. And in fact, I am just barely getting past my resistance to the entire concept. When I spell things wrong, as I sometimes do, or finally break down and force myself to abbreviate and write "u" instead of "you", I feel on some level I'm disappointing my English teachers. And I've got enough guilt already, thanks. So please be patient. I'm trying!

Texting again. I know people like the texting option but I've been with people who are so absorbed in their texting it's like spending time with someone who's only half there. If that. If you're with me and you're texting someone else throughout dinner, through the movie, etc. the message I'm getting is, "I'd rather talk to this other person right now, so you just go ahead and sit on the back burner until I have time to talk to you." Seriously? Just don't be outraged when you come up for air and realise I'm no longer with you. Come find me when you're able to put the phone down.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me.

Curmudgeoness (for now)

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