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ELM announces release of the 2014/18 valuation roll

The Emakhazeni Local Municipality (ELM) have announced that the 2014/18 valuation roll is available for comment. The roll lists the value of all properties in the ELM municipal area, and covers all towns and farms. It will be available for inspection at the various municipal offices and libraries in Dullstroom/Sakhelwe, Belfast/Siyathuthuka, Machadodorp/Emthonjeni and Waterval Boven/Emgwenya from 2 June 2014.

According to the process set out by ELM, the valuation roll has to be made available for a period of 60 days from date of publication, with the final date for the lodging objections being 31 August 2014. After which, no objections will be entertained, with the valuation roll thereafter remaining in effect for a period of four years.
Additionally, according to guidelines, ELM must further:

  • Advertise on all municipal notice boards
  • Publish the valuation roll on the ELM website
  • Publish the notification for two consecutive weeks in local media
  • Publish the notification in the Provincial Government Gazette
  • Must send a written notice by mail to all persons on the valuation roll advising the valuation placed on their property by the ELM appointed valuer

But what does this valuation roll mean to the ordinary resident/ landowner? All rates and taxes for ELM residents are based on the value placed on their properties by the valuer at the time of valuation. Which poses a very real question... If the current valuation roll has not been finalised – with not all objections having been received - and ELM ‘s proposed tariff increase being 6% as from 1 July 2014, then which figures are they using to calculate the amount owed by property owner? This very question was posed in a special council meeting on 30 May 2014 by Mr. Peter St. Clair of the Emakhazeni Good Governance Forum (EGGF). This is a quote from the minutes of this meeting:
“Mr. Peter St. Clair mentioned that ELM requested an extension of 12 months regarding the valuation roll in 2013 which expires 30 June 2014. According to MPRA, only a 12 month period could be approved. Due to the fact that the process regarding the approval and promulgation of the new valuation roll would take approximately two months, legally the municipality cannot enforce payments of rates as from 1 July 2014.”

The response he got from Mrs. Shoba – Senior Councillor was:

“Mrs. Shoba responded that a letter has been sent to COGTA due to the fact that the process is late. ELM will humbly request the community, as an “act of faith”, to pay their current rates from 1 July 2014.”

“Faith” in ELM and its fumbling attempts to date to follow the nationally legislated process for the implementation of the Municipal Property Rates Act (2004) is a commodity that is in extremely short supply. Residents who are prepared to take ELM’s word at face value when it comes to forking over their hard-earned cash on the basis of a flawed process may well prove even harder to find. Further to that, a number of people have approached THG stating that the changes on the valuation roll from last year to this year are significant and in many cases, the errors are noticeable – wrong addresses, etc.
In short – make sure you make the effort to check out your property on the valuation roll. It might end up saving you considerable funds over the next four years. If you need assistance in going through the roll, or help on how to file an objection, contact your local Councillor. Alternately, in Belfast, Danie Janse van Rensburg of DJ Motors has offered his help.

For further reading on the valuation roll or any documentation you might need, visit:  www.emakhazeni.gov.za

Click here for a copy of:

The valuation roll

The Public notice

The valuation roll process

Objection form


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