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ELM announces 2014/15 Budget

At a recent “State of the Municipality” address held recently in Machadodorp, the Emakhazeni Local municipality (ELM) mayor, his honour Clr. X.S. Ngwenya, has announced the financial future for citizens of the four towns within the ELM municipal area for the next financial year. And the news is both good and bad, depending on who you are and where you live.

At the gala function – which was attended by virtually all ELM councillors, as well as a host of other invited dignitaries and VIP’s – his honour the mayor laid it all on the line. Starting with a brief review of the past financial year (2013/14), the mayor admitted that it had been extremely difficult to supply acceptable levels of service delivery because of “limited resources”. He went on to add that, despite an actual income of only R184.1million and an actual expenditure of R137.3 million, ELM was nonetheless able to meet the majority of its commitments, both planned and unplanned. “It was tough to provide services on such a limited budget,” he went on to say. “We have had to learn to cut our trousers to our size.” he concluded. Before he moved on to plans for the coming financial year, his honour touched on two final points:

  • WB NOKA. The mayor related that, despite ELM having done everything that that is was supposed to do, including receiving clearance from the National Treasury, ELM has still not received “clearance” from WB NOKA. As such, the mayor reported that ELM had notified the consortium that they have “until 20 July 2014 to respond”. He added that the municipality intended to “institute legal processes, as per the agreement” if the consortium did not respond by the stipulated deadline.
  • Municipal Strike. The mayor took the opportunity to apologise to ELM residents for the “disruption of services they experienced in the months of April and May.”

As far as the coming 2014/15 financial year is concerned, the mayor sounded a warning before he went into detail: “It is sobering to note, that the entire annual budget for Emakhazeni amounts to less than the reserves of the neighbouring Steve Tshwete municipality,” he said. The mayor further candidly reminded not only his audience, but the residents of ELM as well that: “We are, in effect, an indigent municipality and we must make do with what we have.” He went on to announce that the total budget for ELM for the coming year amounted to some R250.5 million, before itemising some of the projected expenditure and planned projects as follows:
Belfast & Siyathuthuka

  • Upgrading of the electricity supply - R2 million
  • Rehabilitation of Bhekumuzi Masango Dr. - R3 million

Dullstroom & Sakhelwe

  • The establishment of a poultry farm – R1 million
  • An upgrade of engineering services – R1 million
  • Raising of the Dullstroom dam wall – R1.7 million

Waterval Boven & Emgwenya

  • The establishment of a brick-making plant – R1 million
  • Road paving – R2 million

Machadodorp & Emthonjeni

  • The construction of a library – R8 million
  • The construction of a fire station – R1.1 million

See a copy of the full address here

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